Visiting us

How do I join or create White Elephant Trust events and programmes? 

You don’t need to book to attend any of our programmes unless stated otherwise. Check out our programmes page to find out more about what's on.  If you are interested in creating a new programme or event contact us by email: or visit our facebook page.

How much does it cost to come to an event or join a programme??

Each programme has it’s own unique pricing. Check out the programmes page for more info about what’s on. We try our hardest to keep things as financially accessible as possible.

What’s the age range and are programmes split based on age?

Government and the majority of our funders define “youth” as people aged from 13 to 25. We recognise that’s quite a wide age range. At the moment young people that come along to White Elephant Trust  range from about 13 to 22 years old. Currently our activities are split into a young people’s programmes and an all ages programme.  

What does an ‘all ages’ event mean?

A programme or event that is open to all ages, e.g both young people and adults.

Is White Elephant Trust accessible?

Yes. We’re wheelchair accessible, we have a disabled toilet and everything’s is on the ground floor. If you think there might be a barrier preventing you from using White Elephant Trust’s facilities give us a call on  03-374 9285 or email, we’d be happy to chat.

What other programmes does White Elephant Trust have on the horizon?

The latest programme enquiries we’ve had were about a weekly craft group and a meditation class. 

Is anyone made to go to White Elephant Trust?

Nope, we’re not school :) Coming along to White Elephant Trust is voluntary, even when young people are referred from other organisations.


Is White Elephant Trust a safe place?

It sure is! Everyone working or volunteering at White Elephant Trust who is over the age of 18 has had a police check. The safety of our young people is extremely important to us.  

A few things we do to ensure safety:

  • A staff member is always on call to attend emergency situations during evening events.

  • We have a First Aid trained staff member.

  • All staff members have completed Youth Work Code of Ethics training.

Does White Elephant Trust have a Health and safety policy?

Yes, our health and safety policies and procedures are reviewed (along with the rest of our policies) on a biennial basis by the Board of Trustees and the CEO. Check em out! 

Do your volunteers have a background check?

Heck yes!  Everyone over 18 who volunteers or works as a project leader has had a police check.

Are all White Elephant Trust events and programmes supervised?

We take our kaitiakitanga responsibilities seriously so there’s always someone in a supervisory role for all of our events and programmes. This will be either one of our staff members or a young leader.


The Trust

Who works at White Elephant Trust?

We are a small team of two, passionate about providing young people with opportunities to do cool stuff. Why don't ya check out our team page to find out all about us! 

Is White Elephant Trust a religious organisation?

Nope, we’re not a religious organisation but we 100% believe in everyone’s right to believe in whatever they want, even if it’s flying spaghetti monsters.

What does the future look like for White Elephant Trust?

Take a look at our strategic plan – it’s a five year plan we put together in late 2015.