Our Young Programme Leaders



Mike Field - CEO

My focus at White Elephant Trust is on strengthening the trust by interacting and collaborating with stakeholders and community partners. I love creating order from chaos – restoring, reshaping and relaunching.

I’m a husband, father, immigrant, snowboarder, DJ, and a total nerd. And I feel really lucky to be part of positive change in the lives of Christchurch’s young people.


Sarah Kelleher - Communications Manager

My role at White Elephant Trust is all about getting the word out there that we are an exciting place for young people to do cool stuff. I sprinkle emojis on our Facebook and Instagram account and run the White Elephant website.  I also enable programmes to happen, so if you’re keen to get something up and running at White Elephant, I’m the person to chat to.

I’m also an audio engineer and lecturer, and have worked at a range of institutions in NZ and the UK such as University of Canterbury, Yoobee School of Design, MAINZ and the School of Audio Engineering.


Aisha Ah Mu - Visitor Service Guru

I am a DJ, writer, musicologist and a big family person. I am of Samoan descent and I grew up right in the heart of the Linwood community.

My role is to introduce new-comers to our space and to make every single person who comes into White Elephant feel welcome and encourage everyone to get involved to the best of their abilities. 

I'll be at White Elephant Trust from 3 - 7pm every weekday. Come and say hi!