Learn the fundamentals of scratching and turntablism


Classes will include:

  • Basic scratch techniques
  • Phrasing
  • Trick mixing techniques
  • Basic beat juggling 
  • Open turntable scratch sessions

When: Check out our facebook page for the next class!

No need to book, just turn up!


The instructor: Ruse, Big Ruse, “I Ruse, you Lose” The DJ and Music Producer born of the “ Land of the Long White Cloud”, New Zealand.

Don't worry about Genre, it’s beats, bangs, bass and drums that bring these Ruse batteries to full charge.

Casting an eye back to see the ricochet of “90’s hiphop bangers” and swinging loops of the “blow up Bboy (Break dancing) tracks” that built his youth, Ruse decided that his path forward would be deeper than just spinning on his head. 2 turntables and a micropho… no no, just the turntables thanks.

Ruse forged his twirly fingers and “Wicky Wickys” into vinyl slaying sorcery, and this “spin from within” lead to a quest for the WIN!

The NZ Decknology Competition saw Ruse Crowned Champion 3 years in a row. So many wins that he was FORBIDDEN to enter again.

From here the temperature could only rise, so with the NZ DMC Championship Title and a trip to London fresh in his back pack…

Ruse: “Hey NZ Redbull Thre3Style! Can I win you please?” NZ Redbull. Thre3Style: “Sure! Hey, then lets go to Chile and represent NZ on the world stage too!!” CHECK!

So what happens now one might wonder? Ah yes yes, we must rock the party! Lets play them ALL!!

The Ruse Rocker’s skills have seen him smash festivals such as Rhythm n Alps, Southern Shakedown, Equinox and Soulstice, as well as supporting HUGE acts Chali 2na (of JURASSIC 5), The Gorillaz, DJ Fresh, Andy C, Krafty Kuts, Ghostface Killah (of WUTANG CLAN), The Pharcyde, DJ Shortkut, DJ J.Period, Valentino Kahn, Gramatik, Stickybuds, Fred V & Grafix, Spectrasoul, Sam Binga, Losco, Daedalus, P-Money AND he still remembered everyones birthdays, saved a cat and went to the gym ( all true!). LORD!

Combing Rich brown eyes, a purple aura and a genuine love of sound, a RuseDJ set will cross musical boundaries. On any given night you can catch him cooking everything from Hip Hop to Country, Funk to Electronica, Classic Rock to Vegan Pizza and everything in between. There is no doubt Ruse possesses the Power, Poise and Passion to chokehold the horizon in the DJ and Music Production game.